Armed Forces - AH-64 Apache 510 pcs /Toys

Type: Merchandise
SKU: 101541
  • no of blocks: 510
  • Figures: 0
  • Scale 1:48
  • Block stand with printed name of the plane
  • Bodywork with pad printing
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks
  • Model dimensions: See images for details

American attack helicopter with a crew of two, armed with a 30 mm M230 chain gun and four hardpoints which usually carry a combination of Hellfire missiles and Hydra 70 rocket pods. It also has a nose-mounted sensor for acquiring targets andd night vision. A prototype aircraft was first flown in 1975 and full production was approved by the US Army in 1982 with an introduction in 1986. Over 2,000 have been produced and the Apache is operated in a primary role by many countries and is built under license in the UK. The Us Army has deployed it in Panama, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq; Israel has used it in the Lebanon and the Gaza Strip and British and Dutch forces have used it in Afghanistan and Iraq.