Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (Switch)

Type: Game
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 All the original games redesigned for you to relive all over again 

- Over 100+ levels and you can play Coco in all of them 

- Online leader boards let you compare scores all around the world 

All three original games

Dive into nostalgia and play Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. Experience the first three original games in the series with improved graphics, sounds and levels. So you can finally conquer that boss you always got stuck on as a child.

Over 100+ levels

Run through the woods while dodging fire or ride hogs whilst jumping out of the way of pits and spikes. You'll have the option of playing as Coco in every level just to make the game even more exciting.

Make it as far as the second and third games and you'll get to relive the time travelling adventures Crash goes on. Swim in oceans, ride tigers with CoCo and take on some light car racing. It's all fun and games with Crash.

Online leader boards

Join in on the fun worldwide with online leader boards. Compete for the best score amongst your friends or take it to the big league and compare time trials all around the globe.