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Fans of Animal Crossing New Leaf, Harvest Moon, and Pokémon X and Y will feel right at home
Fans of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Harvest Moon, and Pokémon X & Y will feel right at home! view larger
There are 12 lives to choose from, including Magician, Hunter, Blacksmith, and Tailor
There are 12 'lives' to choose from, including Magician, Hunter, Blacksmith, and Tailor. view larger
The brand new RPG adventure from renowned developer level 5!

From the creators of Professor Layton and the Dragon Quest series comes a charming adventure RPG that seamlessly melds together some of the best aspects of Animal Crossing, Pokémon X & Y, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Dragon Quest. Choose from an exciting selection of 'lives' and live life to the full!

Quests, missions, swordplay, and magic casting, mixed in with a smattering of mining and fishing
Quests, missions, swordplay, and magic casting, mixed in with a smattering of mining and fishing! view larger
Get a life… or 12 of them!

Fantasy Life is a vast, engaging adventure game that allows players to choose from 12 lives before earning their license and going on a myriad of quests. You can see all 12 lives in the image over on the right. From a Magician to a Cook, and a Tailor to a Mercenary, there's something in there for everyone!

Life sim + RPG = Fantasy Life

Each character can be customized and leveled-up, through battle and experience, as can your house and your life options. Earn Bliss points through helping townsfolk in order to expand your home and even get a pet! Earn respect from your peers in order to unlock new conversations and gateways to new areas.

Lead your life your way

You control how complex your life is; if you want to stroll around, chat to people and collect items, then that's ok. If you'd rather complete every task and mission going in order to level-up your character and complete every element of the game, that's ok too. It's your life... lead it your way!

Team up with friends

The European release of the game also features a fantastic, funny translation and multiplayer and network features that appeared in an updated version of the Japanese release. Link mode allows three players to play together; two players join a third player's game and head off on quests together. It's a great way to share a fantastic adventure and also the perfect way to show off your creations in all their glory!

Fantasy Life features in brief
  • Developed by Level 5, the creators of Professor Layton and Dragon Quest
  • All-encompassing RPG adventure mixing elements of may great game series
  • Customize your character and your home
  • Choose from 12 lifestyles including Magician, Blacksmith, Angler, and Paladin
  • Complete townsfolk requests in order to level-up your character
  • Bliss points allow you to upgrade your house, get a pet, and much more
  • 1–3 player multiplayer Link mode allows friends to explore and complete quests together
  • Hundreds of different items: collect fruit, food, and flowers, catch fish, and chop down wood
  • Go out into the field and battle monsters with swords and magic
  • Genuinely good, funny localization effort
  • Features network and multiplayer elements from the Japanese updated release
  • Original soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu