HORIZON Zero Dawn Boardgame /Boardgame

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Earn glory with the Hunters Lodge

In this semi-cooperative board game for 1-4 players, the Hunters Lodge has assigned you a dangerous quarry. You'll need help from your fellow hunters to succeed in taking it down, and your journey won't be easy. Along the way, you'll encounter other foes equally intent on taking you down...

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Select your hunter...

Pockets of civilisation are scattered throughout the world. An unlikely foursome, these fearless hunters have come together from different tribes, each with their own weapons, skills, and fighting style.

…and begin the hunt

Every enemy is an exciting challenge for a brave hunter. You'll face foes as varied and unpredictable as the land. Hunt them for glory, and strip down their bodies for useful materials to use on your journey.

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A semi-cooperative board game set in an immersive world

Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game is semi-cooperative so, whilst you succeed as a group, only the most cunning and skilful hunter can emerge as the winner.

Together, you'll venture into the vibrant wilds of the video game world to hunt the quarry assigned by the Hunters Lodge. Along the way, you'll face different foes, each hunter earning glory based on their actions in the hunt.

If you succeed in taking down your assigned quarry, you'll return to the campfire. There, the glory will be measured, and the true winner named!



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Play it your way

Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game mirrors the depth and detail of the video game. It's designed to take you deep into Aloy's post-apocalyptic world, and will take some time to play through.

For an immersive experience, embark on a full campaign in a single session. Or, break up your quest into multiple shorter sessions.

This is a game of choices, and the choice is yours.


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Experience the dangerous wonder of Horizon Zero Dawn™, reimagined for your tabletop