Lego Dimensions: Level Pack - Goonies (#) (DELETED LINE) /Video Game Toy

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Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U consoles, LEGO Dimensions Bad Cop Fun Pack brings even more fun to the LEGO Dimensions game. Simply use this fun pack alongside the starter pack to unlock content within the game. Lay down the law with the LEGO Movie’s Bad Cop. Bring him to life by placing him on the Toy Pad and activate his special laser, target and detector abilities to solve puzzles and take down enemies. LEGO Dimensions Get creative with the LEGO Dimensions game. A powerful vortex has mixed up the LEGO worlds, sweeping characters away. There are no rules so you can create your own combinations and expand using the Fun Pack, Team Pack & Level Pack expansions.Build your minifigure heroes, pop them on the toy pad supplied in the starter pack. ® less