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Pokémon has changed a lot since its early days, when Pikachu was the favourite Pokémon and the one called upon the most. The games graphics have improved beyond measure and battles are smooth and exciting, with excellent perspectives on the action, so even the most anxious trainer can see every move their little Pokémon makes. Let us have a look at what lies ahead in this game:

The player must take his or her three starter Pokémon and travel about the land, catching and training up the Pokémon until his or her Poké Balls (a sort of portable storage device for the creatures that can fit in a pocket, even though it can hold a Pokémon, most of whom are around a foot or so tall when they are out and about the landscape) are full. Most trainers carry six full Poké Balls with them, along with some empty spares for emergencies or special occasions.

The player must work their way through all the competition, battling other Pokémon trainers (more about whom below) until they have bested them all: at this point it will be time to head for the Champion’s Cup to battle for overall glory and the successful completion of the game.

Differences Between Sword and Shield

Each version of the game will offer exclusive Pokémon that will not be found anywhere else in the Pokémon universe. In one of the games, some legendary Pokémon will be catchable, while the other will feature the creatures, but not have them as attainable for the trainer to catch and use in their gameplay.

The gym leaders will change according to the version you obtain: however, the broad premise of the game will remain the same.

The cover art on the two releases are, as always with Pokémon simultaneous releases, completely unique to each version.

Trainers to Battle

On the way to the Champions Cup, the player will have to battle several other strong trainers from the region of Galar. Galar is strongly inspired by the United Kingdom, and has a wonderfully British sub-text to the landscape, including features like Big Ben and many more that will be instantly recognisable to Anglophiles. Some of the trainers the player will face include:

  • Milo: this grass-type Pokémon specialist is new to the Shield and Sword games, and has green skin, peach-coloured spiky hair hidden under a broad-brimmed straw hat and is male

  • Nessa: this Pokémon trainer is blue skinned and blue haired and, as might be guessed from her colouration, is a water-type trainer. She is sporty looking and has long hair with both light and dark blue streaks

  • Bea: this combative fight-type Pokémon trainer is the Gym Leader in the twin game Pokémon Sword. She is, as might be guessed from her training type, always ready for a battle, and very good at it. She is muscular and tall, with grey hair and eyes and a very serious expression!

  • Allister: is the leader of the Gym in Galar, which makes him a serious proposition for our trainer wannabe. He looks rather spooky, having a zombie-like pose and round black eyes – all of which is appropriate for a Pokémon trainer of ghost-type creatures. He has black hair that falls over his face and wears semi-goth outfits to complete his spectral appearance

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