RK: Survival Evolved /PS4

by PS4
Type: Game
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- Survive and conquer on a dangerous prehistoric island

- Tame and train dinosaurs to help you take on enemies

Survive and conquer

In ARK: Survival Evolved you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island that's populated by prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. Fight to survive in a hostile world where staying alive means more than just dodging raptors.

Make sure you're eating and drinking enough, and craft clothing and shelter to protect yourself from the changing weather. Once you've figured out how to stay alive comfortably, you can become a master crafter, fabricator or smith. Create your own base and armour, stay on top of repairs, and summon rare and mythical creatures.

Tame and train dinosaurs

Fly on the back of a Pteranodon, explore the primeval jungle on a T-Rex, and explore every part of the island with creatures that you can train to be your pets. With the ability to tame, train and breed over 50 different creatures, you can even hatch and raise baby dinosaurs.

With single and online multiplayer options, you can choose to navigate this unique world on your own or team up with (and take on) other players online.