Starblood Arena (For Playstation VR) (English/Arabic Box) /PS4

by PS4
Type: Game
SKU: 226360
  • Four modes of online competition - carnage: a free-for-all battle, team carnage: team Deathmatch, Gridiron: team goal-scoring game, and invaders: a 4 player co-operative endless wave defense.
  • single player - Single player Skirmish mode as well as per-pilot tournaments.
  • nine pilots - each with their own unique weapons, tactics, and play style.
  • customizable vehicles - all Apex battle pods can be customized with Paint schemes, visual attachments, and gameplay altering mods.
  • 360 degrees of freedom - Battle pods can strafe, roll, and boost in any direction while independently aiming weapons using the Playstation VR head tracking.
  • party on - easily connect with and fight alongside your online friends in both ranked and private matches